Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Music Video Finale

The 2016-17 school year is coming to an end, for our last project we are creating our most awaited project which is to make a Music Video. In my team there is Brody Smith, Elena Panui, and Megan Tagoshi. I chose Brody because he is an experienced G.T. student and has done this project before, I chose Elena because I know that she is a very hard worker and gets things done, and finally, I chose Megan because she is also a hard worker. For our music video we are doing the song Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorius. We chose this song because it is very well known and is kind of catchy. It also has a pretty good story to the song, the song is about this boy who likes this girl and he wins her over by giving her a sweatshirt. Finally, we picked and like this song because it is very age appropriate and any age can listen to the song.

There is this boy named Brody and he is in love with his sweatshirt. He sings to the sweatshirt but he gets distracted and he forgets his sweatshirt. He doesn't realize that he forgot it until he got home, the next morning he goes to where he left his sweatshirt but it isn't there. The day after that he goes to school really sad but then he sees this girl with his sweatshirt and he gets it from her and he is really happy. Our storyline relates to the lyrics because the song mostly talks about a sweatshirt and about love for something or someone. The moral of our music video is that he always knew what he had and how important is was but he never thought he would lose it.

The MV showcases my best work because me and my team had to work independently in many different applications. Brody and I had to work in final cut pro to edit our movie video. It shows that we fully understand how to work final cut pro and we were able to make sure the lip-syncs were on time. Elena and Megan had to work in photoshop to make our many band posters. The MV showcases my best work because we had to work really hard to get things done on time and to do our best quality of work. In conclusion, this was our last project of the year and we used all of the skills we used in previous projects. This is my first and last year in GT at Kapa'a Middle School and its been a great experience having this class and having Mr. Sanderl as my GT teacher. He has taught me many things and i'll be using most of the things that he has taught me in the class in years to come. One thing that's gonna probably stick with me throughout my life is to "work smarter and not harder."

Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorius

Chillin' with a hair tie,
No makeup, with some sweatpants on
You know I can always be that guy
You can think about me all night long

But I think you need something to think of me
Something that will keep you warm
And show you we can be more than just this
So, baby, if you are not ready for my kiss

Then you can wear my sweatshirt
And you can tell your friends
We'll be together 'til the end
Girl, you can wear my sweatshirt
'Cause you're the only one I hold
And I don't want you to be cold
So, baby, wear my...

When you go to sleep at night,
When you wake up in the morning
And when you walk the halls
See, girl, you know you wanna flaunt it

Said this may be the start of something new
Girl, I'm gonna tell you exactly what I wanna do... more than just this
So, baby, if you are not ready for my kiss

Then you can wear my sweatshirt
And you can tell your friends
We'll be together 'til the end
Girl, you can wear my sweatshirt
'Cause you're the only one I hold
And I don't want you to be cold
So, baby, wear my

And you can wear my sweatshirt
And I don't want you to be cold

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

Were getting close to the end of the 2016-2017 school year and this is one of our last projects for the year, our latest project that were working on is Movie Trailers with teams. In my team my partners are Akasha Youn, Andrew Galiza, and Mele Tokuda. For this project we have to come up with a story and we have to make a movie trailer that ends of with a cliff hanger. Our movie trailer is called "Escape From Him." The movie trailer is about a troubled boy and he is really shy, he has a huge crush on the most popular girl in their school. Little does the girl know, the boy has a dark tormented past as a prisoner of his uncle, a notorious kidnapper. She gets really weirded out when the boy starts talking to her. Feeling unwanted he comes up with a plan to get her attention. We had to create a synopsis, a movie poster, a voice acting script, our 4Ps, our keywords, and our story board. I helped writing the 4Ps and the storyboard. I also helped creating our synopsis for our movie trailer.

Our biggest challenges was probably meeting up with each other and creating our movie poster. It was hard for us to meet up because we had to find a date that fits perfectly with everyone on the team and I was gone from class for a little over a week. It was also a challenge to do our movie poster because one of our designers is actually out of class and isn't able to help us during school time. One of our successes was probably creating a story and doing our plan. Our story has a cliff hanger in the end making our audience wondering what will happen next. We pretty much knew what to do for our plan but we still had to make some corrections but over all our story and plan came our pretty good.

The grade that we got for our Movie Poster i totally agree with because we turned it in late and our movie poster designer didn't put much effort into it. For our Movie Trailer we got a 2/4 and I totally agree with that because it was also turned in late. I learned that I should of put more effort into this project so next time I will get a better grade for the next project we do.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

Our latest project that we did was a Metamorphosis Animation Video and we had to work in teams and my two partners were Elena Panui and Sofia Tittnich. Our focus statement was Caterpillar Grows Independence which was about a caterpillar named Olivia who is getting bullied but realizes the main part of herself. The project goal to get a 4/4 and it first starts off with the animation proposal and presentation and you are trying to get a 4 so everyone has to be able to share your groups slide presentation clearly and it is original, logical, and is clear from beginning to end with interesting descriptions about the sequences, scenes, and actions. Next, is the pre-production plan and storyboard which has to be detailed and very easy to understand with an organized visual storyboard, and all the group roles are assigned. Then, there is sets, characters, and props which are to be used cleverly to communicate the animation concept.

Our focus statement is about a caterpillar named Olivia who grows independent. The plot of the story is that Olivia the ugly caterpillar is bullied but realizes the main part of her self. Our first scene is where Olivia gets insulted Anastasia and Drizella and they make her feel that she is ugly and no one likes her. But she sees a unique bug named Jake who is different and he is talking and having fun with his friends who accept him. In our second scene Olivia tells Jake that she gets bullied for being different and how she doesn't love herself. As she is telling Jake this Olivia's sadness wraps around her and turns her into a cocoon. In scene three Jake talks to Olivia in the cocoon and tells her that he is different but he has friends that accept him. In scene four Olivia comes out of the cocoon and she looks at herself and she knows that she isn't perfect but loves herself for who she is. Finally, Jake introduces Olivia to his best friends Joshua and Jacob and Olivia and Jake talk and get closer to each other and they fall in love. The plot of the story is that Olivia the ugly caterpillar is bullied but realized the main part of herself and the purpose is that Olivia notices that making herself beautiful isn’t important, it’s what it is in the inside that matters. Also she learns that it doesn’t matter if you are ugly because everyone is unique in their own way.

I totally agree with the grade my team and I got on our Metamorphosis Animation Video which was 3/4 due to many different reasons. Our customized soundtrack and foley wasn't really good but we finished it, in some places the soundtrack was a bit too loud so it kind of messed up our foley. The switch between different animation types wasn’t that good either because our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th was all Stykz and the 5th scene was a stop motion. There were also many good things like our story was very clear and original and the characters were pretty good. For our Pitch Presentation we got a 3/4 because our presentation is logical, grammatically correct, and communicated by all team members. Also most of the proposal has clear descriptions of scenes and actions, storyline attempts at an interesting plot. On our Storyboard we also got a 3/4 because it has sufficient detail and we had major events in our plan. For our 15 shot progress we got a 3/4 because we had both meetings and because we didn't finish the 15s by our deadline. Finally, I totally agree with the grades we got because we could have maybe put a little more effort into our Metamorphosis Animation project so we could get a 4/4 and now I know that I should work harder in my projects if I want a good grade.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

Facial expressions are universal according to many different people and their theories like Charles Darwin who argued that we can detect someone's emotional state by looking at their face. A doctor name Paul Ekman did a study on a guy from New Guinea and man who lived in an isolated preliterate culture using stone implements which have never seen outsiders before. Dr. Paul Ekman asked him what his facial expressions would look like is his child had died, he was going to fight, he stepped on a smelly dead pig, and his friends had come over. He actually showed the facial expressions a human would regularly show and that was anger, sadness, disgust, and happiness. Also there are blind people who show different facial expressions and they have never seen facial expressions before so its like we are naturally born with them like our other features. As San Fransisco State University said "facial expressions are hardwired into our genes, their research suggests that facial expressions of emotion are innate rather than a project of cultural learning." Finally most people think facial expressions are universal and most signs point that facial expressions are universal.

The first thing I did to create this project, is I had to learn what project I'm going to create and the project is called Low Poly Portraits. The second thing I did was take a picture in Photo Booth which I had to put into PhotoShop and I had to then apply a grid on top of the picture. The third thing I did was I had to aline the picture so it would be symmetrical on all sides. I then had to make a background layer which was all white. Next, I had to outline the left side of my face. Then, I had to draw the triangles in my hair then I had to do all my other features. I also had to make a copy of my self portrait picture layer which I would us polygonal lasso on. I had to merge all my line layers so I could turn it off and on more easier. They on that copy of my self portrait picture I use polygonal lasso, filter, average, then blur. Then I had to outline my left side of my face with the outline and polygonal lasso, then I had to press command-j to copy it then I would have to flip it so it will be a whole picture. Finally I have to go to my outline layer and turn cover overlay on and make that white the I have to turn the out line layer and low poly layer and I get my final product. For my second low poly I had to make triangles and my portraits face without making an outline but using a grid. After I was done I had to add color to the background so it would pop against my low poly portrait. Then, I outlined my portrait ruggedly and them i deleted it so it would be white. Finally, I did file, save as JPEG, and turned it into classroom.

There are many differences between my Poly-1 and my Poly-2 like how my Poly-1 was taken on a low quality computer camera while my Poly-2 was taken outside of school on a better quality camera. My Poly-1 has an outline so it was easier for me to draw my triangles, but in my Poly-2 I had to draw triangles without an outline. For my Poly-1 I had to use filter, average, blur which automatically choses a color that kind of matches your photos color which you are drawing the triangles onto. On Poly-2 we had to fill the triangles in with the eyedropper which was a little challenging because you couldn't use the same color on the triangles which were next to each other. For my Poly-1 my background was plain white while my Poly-2 had to go through all these steps to help make the background pop from my low poly portrait. There were many challenges that came along with this and it was a little stressful but I got through it and I'm honestly proud of my hard work that I put into this low poly project and how it came out.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

This is my second G.T. project that I'm going to be doing out of many. Nature impacts my life in many different ways, like how I exhale carbon dioxide which trees take in and they make oxygen which we breathe. Also I catch insects which are in my house which I throw outside with other types of nature. I interact with nature by walking on the grass and other types of nature like dirt or insects. Also I got to different beaches like Hanalei where I interact with nature in the ocean and on the sand. I interact with nature by using it to make food with different kinds of fruits and vegetables like salads or other different types of food. Finally I can use different types of nature to make things like medicine which can help me get better if I have an illness, a burn, a bug bite, or etc.

Time-lapses are created by either taking a video of a long/short span of time of something like clouds moving in the sky, the sun rising, or the sun setting. After you take the video you have to then edit it on a editing program like FCPX (Final Cut Pro) where you can speed up the video. Say you took a 20-30 min. of video, once you edit it the video will be condensed into a video that is about 1-2 min. long. Or you can take a video on your iphone with your time-lapse setting which will automatically change your video into a time-lapse and you won't have to edit your video. Slo-Mos are basically created the same way but if you take a 5-10 second video it will be changed into a 20-30 second video, once you edit it in a program like FCPX or you take your video on your iphone which automatically changes it into a slo-mo video.

The hardest part of this was probably taking the time-lapses and slo-mos because you had to make sure that you have the right timing in your video, your horizon line is straight, no people walked threw the video, and you had to make sure that there was 2/3 of sky and 1/3 of ground. Also another part was probably working in FCPX for the first time because I had to remember a lot of thing on how to use the app, there also was many rules like where you had to make sure your sound wasn't going above -6 because if you is you will not be able to use it, this was probably the most hardest part of all the things in FCPX. My favorite part was getting to see my time-lapses and slo-mos with all the clouds moving across the sky and the water falling and dripping on the plants. Finally one of my most favorite things was probably getting to write my poem and getting to record it because I could use these to express my feelings about nature.

My class mates gave me different scores but the most votes i got were for a 3 because I followed a specific form and it had 3 time-lapses and 2 slo-mos. Also it had appropriate audio which creates a visually compelling video and it incorporates balanced audio and text overlays.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

For my first G.T. project we are doing a Poetic Personal Statement and I think that poetry is something that can be used to express someone's feelings or emotions on someone or something. Poetry can also be used to explain how something looks, feels, tastes, smells, and sounds which are senses. Finally I think that it can be an art which you can use to tell people a story or something about yourself. I think that a poem can be personal when the writer writes about something that has happened to them in the past or in current events. Also it can be personal when they talk about their feelings or emotions on something or someone. Poems can be personal when they talk about their features like their hair, eyes, mouth, and body.

Completing my goals which fills holes in my soul
Interacting with people all day and night
Getting into a good college with my knowledge
Traveling to new places which fill up empty space
Giving which keeps me living 
My happiest feelings which comes from my dreams like sunbeams on a stream

I used rhyme to make my poem flow much better and make it so the reader will be able to understand it better and it doesn't sound like I didn't do hard work on the poem. I used rhythm by using one of my goals and making sure it rhymes with other words that represent me. Like for instance I want to travel to different places so I rhymed it with empty spaces because it will fill up empty places in my soul because I get to experience different cultures and feelings.